JCARA Membership Approves Generator Purchase

The generator that was originally provided for the Emergency Response Trailer (ERT) by Washington County EMA many years ago has been taken out of service.

Our community mission of communications support requires quick response and operational setup to support served agencies. President George Odom K4ETN brought the membership up to date on this issue.

A motion was made and seconded by the membership to purchase a new portable generator and includes a three year extended full warranty, covering the generator beyond the manufactures two year warranty.

The motion was approved unanimously by the attending membership and the new generator will arrive the last week of March. The new unit is rated at 4750 watts, is dual fuel capable (gasoline and LP gas), provides 120vac and 240vac output and a 12 VDC power point. Electric start is also included making starting easier in cold weather.

Our thanks to the membership for their support of this purchase.

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