Echolink Policy

JCARA provides an Echolink portal (W4ABR-R) to the 146.790 W4ABR repeater for the convenience of our members and those from outside the repeater service area to check into our nets or other activities.

In order for all to enjoy the features of Echolink and the traditional RF side of the repeater operation the following policies are in effect:

Station Identification: Voice identification is required. Our Echolink interface does not automatically announce your station call. You are responsible for identifying your station in accordance with FCC rules at all times.

Echolink operates on Voice Over Internet Protocol. When you key your Echolink station, wait a half a second before speaking. This insures that all of your transmission reaches the system. There is a momentary delay which is inherent in VoIP systems. When using the Echolink portal turn your Base, Mobile or HT off or to another frequency to prevent audio loopback.

When putting your call sign out over Echolink please state that you are ” Monitoring or Via Echolink” this lets everyone know that your coming in on the portal.

The following are PROHIBITED:

Parking- Staying connected on the Echolink portal without transmitting. When you are done with your session please disconnect your station. The control operators have the ability to monitor usage and connections and will remotely disconnect your station if you are not active on the system.

Linking the W4ABR-R Echolink node by any means to another system or repeater, via rf, VoIP client or other means.

Calling CQ- Please don’t do this. This is FM voice and we are not a DX station. You are welcome to put your callsign out and state that you are monitoring via Echolink. Repeater traffic varies greatly and there may be no one available to answer you.

Emergency Nets- At times the W4ABR repeater system may be involved in drills, exercises or actual emergency communications. Please do not interfere with ongoing emergency traffic unless you have a life threatening situation that requires immediate assistance. The number of Echolink connections are limited and during emergency operation you may be taking up a slot that a member or station needs during that event.

JCARA reserves the right to ban or “blacklist” any station on the Echolink portal for violations of our policy or violations of FCC Part 97.

This includes repeated connects and disconnects on the system, misuse of the system, poor operating practices, equipment configuration or improper setup of audio levels that detracts from a good communications experience.

Your cooperation is appreciated.

Elink Policy Ver 1.0 3/4/2021