Repeater Information

W4ABR Repeater Information

Repeater Input Frequency: 146.190

Repeater Transmit Frequency: 146.790  

The repeater requires CTCSS tone access with a tone code of 131.8 hz. the 131.8 hz tone is also transmitted on the repeater output so users may utilize the tone squelch feature of their radios.

W4ABR/R is located atop the Franklin Woods Community Hospital, 300 Med Tech Parkway, Johnson City, TN.

The repeater has been in service at this location since 2016.

Our repeater is due to be changed over to a new Yaesu System Fusion DR-2X analog/digital repeater.  The new repeater will support traditional analog FM operation and C4FM Digital Voice in Automatic Select Mode.

W4ABR/R is open to general amateur use unless emergency activation of JCARA and ARES® is in effect.

During these periods of drills, exercises or actual emergency nets, the net status will be announced by Net Control.

L to R: N4XIR, K4ETN, KJ4ZVU, Norm Grey Franklin Woods Hospital and K0MG