W4ABR Repeater Use Policy

Due to continuing issues with some amateur operators, it has become necessary to publish the following policy regarding the use of the 146.790 W4ABR repeater.

All operators are welcome to use the repeater when it is not in use for scheduled nets or emergencies.

All users of the W4ABR repeater will conduct themselves in a proper manner as to verbal conduct and FCC Part 97 regulations. In addition, the following practices are prohibited:

Kerchuncking or keying the repeater without using your call sign. If you are testing your radio, say your call sign followed by stating you are testing. You may call for a radio check by using the same format.

Not yielding to a conversation already in progress. This repeater is operated in both analog and digital System Fusion modes. Deliberate interference is not tolerated in any way, shape or form.

Deliberate interference by any station or operator will be tracked down and violators may be banned from the use of the repeater and repeated violations sent to the FCC for further action.

It is unfortunate that the actions of a few have made these policies necessary. JCARA operates the W4ABR repeater in support of the Amateur Radio community at large and for emergency communications when required. We thank you for your cooperation.